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F.A.Q. - Read it first! - phpMyAdmin - service

Matteo - 01-09-2010, 20:17
Temat postu: phpMyAdmin - service
When you enter to phpmyadmin, you must choose a database on the left side.
[ Screen 1 ]

On the left and right side you have content viewyour database. You can see name of tables your database.
[ Screen 2 ]

If you want edit content your table, click on it's name on the left side. Now you should see structure of your table.
[ Screen 3 ]

If you pull over the bottom, you could perform various operations on tables. If you want optimize, or repair a table - select it and choose correct operation from menu on the right side.
[ Screen 4 ]

On the top you have inscription Browse, click on it. Now you will see what a data conceals in the table.
[ Screen 5 ]

If you want edit some of record in the table - click on pencil icon, near record. Now you can change table contents.
[ Screen 6 ]

Example you can change username. Just that in field username you change value Matteo to Test then click on Go.
[ Screen 7 ]

If you click on red cross then you will delete record. You can't back this operation, unless you have backup of database.
[ Screen 8 ]

Always on the top in phpMyAdmin you have pop-up menu. If you want send SQL query ex.:
UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_style = 1 WHERE user_style = 4

Click on the SQL
This brings you something like that:
[ Screen 9 ]

To blank field write SQL query and click Go. phpMyAdmin perform operation on database and results show above the window.
[ Screen 10 ]

Truncate - delete from tables ALL records, but leave all structure of table. After this operation we have empty table, which can supplemented by new records.
Drop - delete table. You can't add to this table none records, couse simply you don't have this table. Be careful. :)

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