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F.A.Q. - Read it first! - An error occurred during installation

Matteo - 08-09-2010, 22:10
Temat postu: An error occurred during installation
If, after the installation you see error:
An error occurred during installation
An error occurred when updating a database
Table 'phpbb_auth_access' already exists

that means in database tables are already exists.


First method:
    Delete all tabels in database by phpMyAdmin. If in database you have something except forum, delete all tables with phpbb_ prefix.

Second method:
    When you install the forum in the field prefix of table's enter something else than default phpbb_. Prefix of table's is arbitrary and depends only on your imagination. Remember, however, that the subsequent installation of additional mods that require interference with the prefix sql database you will need to manually reconfigure each query.

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