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English version - phpBB2 by Przemo 1.12.6 UPDATE 2

arcy - 26-04-2009, 21:05
Temat postu: phpBB2 by Przemo 1.12.6 UPDATE 2
chelloPL detected a security vulnerability in version 1.12.6 and lower p1.

Simplest version, you can perform DELETE FILE redirect.php from the root of the forum, the file is completely unnecessary, is a remnant of the previous version.

To be in order to download check_files.php Amendment of: and overwrite files in a directory forum that there are.

There's only changed check_files.php where P2 is added to the version, and an empty file redirect.php (may be blank or erased, not relevant, so do not include previous code) is also changed with the deleted file check_data.php information about a file redirect.php

However, this patch is relevant only to that file redirect.php was removed or empty.

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