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Forum installation step by step
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Wysłany: 02-09-2010, 20:22   Forum installation step by step

Installation of phpbb2 by Przemo forum on example of the 1.12.6 version

1. First we need to have a server which supporting php and mySQL database
OK... you have bought hosting...

2. Setting server parameters.
If you purchased the hosting fee is likely to have a server control panel type cPanel, Direct Admin or another. Find out how you can log into your control panel; often enter into the browser address type and in the window give the username and password (assigned to the purchases of services).
Primary casy is establishment the database. When you log on, therefore, enter into a section of databases | MySQL and assume a new database and add to it a new user. In cPanel after the creating of the database looks like this:
Users in forum
matteo_matteo (Privileges: ALL PRIVILEGES)

Save the database name, username and password (remember of the size of the letters and that password couldn't been too simple!)

3. Download package phpbb2 by Przemo in latest version (actually 1.12.6p4). Always the latest version you download from here:
After download the package (.zip archive) unpack it by ex. WinZIP or WinRAR to directory on your hard disk.
Now you must connect with server. This stage I show on instance popular program Total Commander (from here you can download the latest version).
Install, run TC and click :
menu Net | FTP Connect | New connection...
Enter data:
    Session: enter any name for the connection
    Host name: server adress
    User name: name of the user (check the documentation received when ordering hosting) + password
    Mark also "Use passive mode for transfers (like a WWW browser)"

Click OK and Connect - is connected to the server

Now copy all files from archive, are unpacked - select all files and directory and copy it to server (mostly into the public_html directory on the server) - but note - can't be selected "Convert file names to lowercase" - this option must be off.

4. Time to beer or tea for minors - wait until all files copy to the server :]

5. After copying the files to the server type in the web browser address of your forum ex.: and start the installation.
    "Default language forum" - choose language
    "Domain name" - leave unchanged
    "Server port" - leave unchanged
    "Script path" - leave unchanged

    "Database Type" - default leave unchanged
    "Database Server / DSN" - leave unchanged (localhost) unless you obtain another details to database server from your hosting provider.
    "Database Name" - enter the name of the database you created in the account management panel (ex. cPanel)
    "Database Username" - enter the user that you assigned to the created database
    "Database Password" - call attention to letters sensitive
    "Prefix for tables in database" - default phpbb_ and so are best left

    "Administrator E-mail Adress" - enter your email address
    "Administrator Name" - Enter the name of admin account
    "Administrator Password" - remember that this password should be quite complicated (uppercase/lowercase + numbers, special characters)
    "Administrator Password [ Confirm ]" - and again the same as above

When everything filled out, click "Start Installation"
Now download file config.php to your harddrive and transfer it to the server, like at the beginning you sent files.
If for some reason you can't download the file: open notepad, copy this, what oyu have in window on page (make sure that at the beginning and end of the file does not have spaces or empty lines!), paste to notepad, save as file config.php and send to server, overwrite exist file.

6. Now go to your new forum, log in, go to Administration Panel and click on left, on link "System Check" - you see some errors on red color. Let's improve it :)
Open the Total Commander and connect with server; go into root directory; now select directories, which you see at "System Check" (these on red color) after select from menu Total Commander -> menu Files | Change attributes... | select all square's or write 777 and OK
You must change attributes to this directories:

Doing this with the specified folders until, in "System check" on your forum will all on green color :)
7. In Administration Panel type correctly name of domain coockies (instructions in Administration Panel>General Admin>Configuration>Main" or by dbloader/dbloader.php

Congratulations - Your forum is installed and ready for action :)

(original content)
Fora, strony, sklepy internetowe i wiele więcej...
Gadatliwa Kasia 


Posty: 5
Wysłany: 12-04-2011, 18:38   

Hello Matteo,

I think should be a sticky because I had trouble finding it. Thank you :)

Pomógł: 1932 razy
Posty: 5715
Wysłany: 12-04-2011, 22:46   

Links for all of these topics are in FAQ - contents list, so I think that pinning this topic makes no sense ;) .
Fora, strony, sklepy internetowe i wiele więcej...
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