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Wysłany: 31-08-2010, 23:25   [ FORUM RULES ]

:idea: Read this topic carefully and follow these rules, then we readily answer to your questions. :)

phpBB2 by Przemo FORUM RULES
Support of phpBB2 by Przemo forums

I. Users Accounts
    1. In the profile enter full, real adress of your phpBB2 modified by Przemo forum. Forum adress at the profile isn't place for links or anything!!
    Applies to only forums based on the script phpbb2 modified by Przemo. Correct address of the forum (clickable, with http:// at the beginning) is such that after trailing to him "check_files.php" we obtain access to your Check files - (

    2. On the forum bind absolute prohibition advertising their forums and other sites in login, avatar, title, signature and posts, if it doesn't applies to content of the topic. It is also prohibited inclusion IP addresses in the above mentioned places.
    Therefore be prohibited, especially in the signature, any links. Advertising of your forum you can report exclusively in the Reklamówka category.
    For placing advert in the signature or title and other non-compliance with the rules - your signature been blocked without warning. This prohibition doesn't applies to forum staff and all group's without VIP.
    3. The signature should include maximum four lines of text, without banners and images. Don't use too large font and aggressive colors. (red color is reserved for administration - use this color makes block signature without warning).
    Respect that we're working here and we need to concentrate. Don't use [ you] in signature!
    4.For possession of more than one account threatens permanent ban. If your account has been banned, you must seek help elsewhere.
    5.Don't use avatars the same as others users. Avatar helps identify users. Don't set bright or moving avatars .
    6. Nick, description or signature can't include content racist, abusive or other, which offend the feelings of other members. Keep culture on forum. In the signature don't brag, that you are super specialist, don't put people in confusion. Reklamowanie swoich usług i umiejętności, contrary to the facts is prohibited.
    Nick is invariable and modification of nick is virtually impossible, so when you registering think well, what you want to select.

II. Reporting a problem

    1. Before you ask any question, read F.A.Q. and Official Guide Administrator phpBB by Przemo 1.12.6 .
    (If you make a topic, in which you complain, that you can't add a attachment, or avatar, and you don't finished installation setting chmod correctly, or login doesn't working, or you will see message about lack of domain cookie, don't be surprised, if your topic without warning lands in the trash. That means, that you not even look to FAQ. Also, anyone similar topic with questions about a forum basics, will be deleted immediately.)
    Also check whether the problem is not resolved, using search as well as whether looking by you modification there is no in modification list or small modification list.
    2. If you don't find answer in the search, you can make a topic in English version section.
    If you have problems with:
    • general problems with clean script - tag [ General ],
    • modifications - select tag [ Modification ],
    • problems with templates - tag [ Template ],
    • any other problem - tag [ Other ].
    If you have problem with modification - provide the modification name in topic title. Every post without this info will be deleted without warning.
    3. If the topic relates to another forum than the one on your profile, give adress in the question content. Lack of adress at more of problems prevents help.
    Exceptions are situations, not directly related to existing forum - ex.: questions of template, structure of template, but then enter the name and source of the template.
    Without this doesn't provide support.
    4. Give appropriate (clear and summarizing the problem) name of your topici!
    Topics with name type "PROBLEM" , "HELP", "ERROR" are invalid and will be closed. In one topic you should move only one problem. If you have few forums in your profile, write, whos the problem concern. Make a test user, from which we can use, if you have a forum without full access for guests or we need it from another reason. Make it easy for us to work!!!
    5. If, in your speech, you want place part of code, or error conten, you should use tags [code] [/code].
    Entire files should be pack (zip or rar) and add as attachment. Don't paste the entire code files!
    Does not apply to a short fragment of code.
    Also content of error whether message should be copy and paste to post, and not show by screens, often unclear or unavailable. We will also delete posts with these screenshots.
    To quote someone use the [quote] [/quote]. If you need to put confidential information visible only to moderators - use [mod] [/mod].
    6. If you upload a screen or other image, use attachment function, don't upload it anywhere, couse then we wait sometimes for hours to watch something.

III. General rules
    1. Follow the rules of netiquette, don't curse, don't offend anyone, write neatly, thoroughly and understandably.
    Try to avoid mistakes (if necessary, use a dictionary, most browsers got it). Post should be understood and legible, content obtain the maximum amount of information.
    Don't play in pokemon, don't write "grown" etc. Use capital letters only where they should be. Don't play centering, bold. Every post, which will include this type of "manners" will be deleted without warning. Don't use PLATES! and red color. Are reserved for maintenance forum. Don't use [ you] in posts!
    2. We don't provide the answers on topics that may violate the privacy and security (how to read the password, other PW, hack forum etc), as well as questions about the "clean" phpBB forums (support for this is here).
    3. Don't spam, not studded posts, use post edit.
    Don't write the same topic again, if the previous has been closed. Posting the same post or topic in many places is forbidden!! Don't comment if you don't have anything interesting to write.
    4. Follow the service requests and orders forum staff.
    Don't answer after the plates issued by them or observations concerning the correctness of the topic. The person to whom it should be noted first is to follow the recommendation service forum. And this also applies to the recommendations of the Support Team. Respect the people who know more than you and watch over the order.
    5. Don't ask to write your homework, or competition. Homework is meant to do it yourself.
    6. Posts can't contain content that is racist, abusive or other, which offend the feelings of other members, including religious. Keep culture on forum.
    7. Don't write to anyone on the staff of the forum on GG, e-mail, PW itp., if they don't want. Default - they don't want. Than help is forum.
    8. If you have your forum on a free server (yoyo, ovh etc.), first report a problem to support of this hosting. This mainly concerns the problems with free forums, etc.
    9. HydePark used for general discussions. Don't put to it problems with the forum - są do tego odpowiednie działy. In HP rules apply as elsewhere - above all there shouldn't be duplicating existing topics, should respected culture and principles of correct writing.

IV. Reward and punishment
    1. After receiving help - thanks by clicking "Helped". Points "Helped" are voluntary expression of gratitude for your help and may not be in any way to force.
    2. For violations of the rules of these regulations you may receive warning. 3 warns = automatic forbidden to write on 30 days.
    Spammers and people routinely violate these principles we say goodbye with ban permanent.

(official content)
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