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Where can I get ID number?
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Pomógł: 1932 razy
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Wysłany: 03-09-2010, 21:20   Where can I get ID number?

Where can I get ID number?
Of course, there are several ways, each of them I mark with the bullet.
• The simplest and probably the fastest way. Click on nick of user, to view him profile [ could be example from the user list ] in your browser, and you see ex.

Number or numbers after ',u,' these are precisely ID number, in this case it is 2. ID of main administrator, who create a forum is just so. Link which I used, is a link to the profile of Przemo, so everything is correct.
• Ambitious, another way. It consists in obtaining information from the database. In the example I give 'support' its way through phpMyAdmin. We choose in it to the database, we use this forum. From the list select the table phpbb_users, probably opened its structure. In this case, click on the link 'Browse' at the top, then we find records of members. The first from left is user_id that we are looking for, next we have a username, so I think the problem is dissapear.
• How to get ID number of user, by first way, with installed Spider Friendly? The case as simple, as without SF. Here probably I don't have to explain, everything is even more visible.

How to obtain the ID forum, topic, post?
And again, as with the number of user.
• Tracing ID from your browser:

Of course to topic and post analogy. Post ID can be drawn for example, when you use the 'quote' on the message.
• From SQL, by phpMyAdmin. Everything we do like with user ID. We can browse the tables turn phpbb_forums, phpbb_topics, and phpbb_posts where we also have other data.
• How does this apply to the installed Spider Friendly?
Cytat: ---> forum ID ---> topic ID ---> post ID after to use 'quote'

or with another configuration:

I hope that everything is explained clearly, of course I don't added here more stuff, as example acquisition the ID of theme, becouse this is done by analogy with the previous - using the database.

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