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Conversion from phpBB3 to phpBB2 by Przemo
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Wysłany: 09-09-2010, 17:07   Conversion from phpBB3 to phpBB2 by Przemo

Conversion process:
phpBB3 => smf => phpBB2 => phpBB by Przemo
Before you start convert - create database backup

Let's start.
The first thing which you must to do is download all attachments.
Now upload SMF 1.1.9 on FTP server. SMF haven't be in the same directory as phpBB3. Just upload the folder with name smf and insert to it script files. Then set all chmods of files in folder smf to 777. When you end, go to and you see Simple Machines installation script.
It is important for the installation of SMF, select
Coding UTF-8: Use UTF-8 as the default coding system
This option allows a database and forum use of the international system UTF-8. It is useful when using of the forum many languages which use different character sets.

The data to database set the same as phpBB3 to install the script on the same database.
When you end of install, unpack and content of folder (2 files) upload to phpBB3 folder. Now go to and type necessary datas. After type datas, click on continue.
Should we see such a thing:
[ Screen 1]
Click on your SMF installation.
phpBB3 is already converted to SMF! Congratulations.
Now go to database and execute this query:
DROP TABLE `phpbb_acl_groups`, `phpbb_acl_options`, `phpbb_acl_roles`, `phpbb_acl_roles_data`, `phpbb_acl_users`, `phpbb_attachments`, `phpbb_banlist`, `phpbb_bbcodes`, `phpbb_bookmarks`, `phpbb_bots`, `phpbb_config`, `phpbb_confirm`, `phpbb_disallow`, `phpbb_drafts`, `phpbb_extensions`, `phpbb_extension_groups`, `phpbb_forums`, `phpbb_forums_access`, `phpbb_forums_track`, `phpbb_forums_watch`, `phpbb_groups`, `phpbb_icons`, `phpbb_lang`, `phpbb_log`, `phpbb_moderator_cache`, `phpbb_modules`, `phpbb_poll_options`, `phpbb_poll_votes`, `phpbb_posts`, `phpbb_privmsgs`, `phpbb_privmsgs_folder`, `phpbb_privmsgs_rules`, `phpbb_privmsgs_to`, `phpbb_profile_fields`, `phpbb_profile_fields_data`, `phpbb_profile_fields_lang`, `phpbb_profile_lang`, `phpbb_ranks`, `phpbb_reports`, `phpbb_reports_reasons`, `phpbb_search_results`, `phpbb_search_wordlist`, `phpbb_search_wordmatch`, `phpbb_sessions`, `phpbb_sessions_keys`, `phpbb_sitelist`, `phpbb_smilies`, `phpbb_styles`, `phpbb_styles_imageset`, `phpbb_styles_imageset_data`, `phpbb_styles_template`, `phpbb_styles_template_data`, `phpbb_styles_theme`, `phpbb_topics`, `phpbb_topics_posted`, `phpbb_topics_track`, `phpbb_topics_watch`, `phpbb_users`, `phpbb_user_group`, `phpbb_warnings`, `phpbb_words`, `phpbb_zebra`;

We do this because it saves us space in the database, and we don't need these tables.
Delete files of phpBB3 from server.
Next step is convertion to phpBB2, so let's start.

Upload the folder with phpBB2 on FTP server. Remember - don't upload its content, merely entire folder. Now go to and install phpBB2 on the same database which SMF and (before) phpBB3. Unpack and upload it to FTP server, to folder phpBB2. When you do this, go to and type datas.
Table prefix: type smf_
Forum adress: type
Forum patch: type ../smf/
below select SMF 1.1.1 click convert and we should see:

Due to the algorithm used to "encrypt" SMF passwords, it is impossible to convert them to phpBB.
SMF passwords are converted over as is.
You can modify login.php with the instructions in login_mod/login_mod.txt to allow members to log in with their SMF password.
Otherwise, the members can click the "I forgot my password" link to reset their password.

Click Here to continue

Click Here to return to the convertors panel

click on Click Here to continue
Conversion is end Go to database and execute this query:
DROP TABLE `smf_attachments`, `smf_ban_groups`, `smf_ban_items`, `smf_boards`, `smf_board_permissions`, `smf_calendar`, `smf_calendar_holidays`, `smf_categories`, `smf_collapsed_categories`, `smf_log_actions`, `smf_log_activity`, `smf_log_banned`, `smf_log_boards`, `smf_log_errors`, `smf_log_floodcontrol`, `smf_log_karma`, `smf_log_mark_read`, `smf_log_notify`, `smf_log_online`, `smf_log_polls`, `smf_log_search_messages`, `smf_log_search_results`, `smf_log_search_subjects`, `smf_log_search_topics`, `smf_log_topics`, `smf_membergroups`, `smf_members`, `smf_messages`, `smf_message_icons`, `smf_moderators`, `smf_package_servers`, `smf_permissions`, `smf_personal_messages`, `smf_pm_recipients`, `smf_polls`, `smf_poll_choices`, `smf_sessions`, `smf_settings`, `smf_smileys`, `smf_themes`, `smf_topics`;

to delete tables of smf.

Now we upload forum to phpBB by Przemo. Download the latest script from here and we do this be according to instrukcion:
There is possibility to update your forum phpBB 2.0.x to my version 1.8 without loss of any data and with possibility to uninstall my modification (see below)
Important - make a backup copy of database (you can do that in admin's panel "Backup copy" or in phpmyadmin "Export" (Structure and data)) and forum's files before attempt to described below actions.
This process consists of two stages:
1. - Update SQL database
First step is to change database. You should run directory: script/update.php, while logged as admin enter in your web browser and on screen should show up instruction of update database.

2. - Update forum's files
Upload to forum's directory all files of my modification except config.php - this file should remain from original version!
If you have in your forum any style other than subSilver be sure to default and your style is subSilver. It can will be other style publish on my website. But if your users using some other styles, unavailable for my modification you must resign of it, or remake it to my version and after update you should execute SQL query using PhpMyAdmin, or phpBBMyAdmin located in the Admin Control Panel: SQL:
UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_style = 1;
Change phpbb_ tou your prefix if different.
Instructions which haven't been executed will be displayed. In the update of original phpBB as well as the update of a lower version of phpBB by Przemo most of the instructions won't be executed because this is a universal update aplication.

Congratulations, you have forum on script of phpBB2 by przemo!

(original content)

[ Screen 1 ]
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Clean SMF
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Clean phpBB2
Pobierz Plik ściągnięto 715 raz(y) 623,49 KB
Converter from SMF to phpBB2
Pobierz Plik ściągnięto 705 raz(y) 37,33 KB
Converter from phpBB3 to SMF
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