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FAQ to moderators
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Wysłany: 04-09-2010, 02:07   FAQ to moderators

Little FAQ to moderators.

Scheme and availability of the various functions and icons may be differ depending on the template of forum and privilege granted to moderators of the forum administrator.
This FAQ describes the basic functions typically available as standard for the moderators and based on subSilver style.

Operations on topics
After entry into a category at the bottom of the page, right below the table of topics is a link "You can moderate this forum".
Functions available after click on it, so operations on topics require the selection by square in column Select. After choosing the topic are available buttons:
    - Delete - permanently removes topic
    - Move - must then select from the drop-down list the category into which you move and accept. Additional function "Leave shadow topic in old forum." is redundant and rather not use it in order not to duplicate topics in different categories.
    - Merge - merge two topics into one. After click the button, on the next page you must select from drop-down list category, in which is topic, which will merge. After clicking on Yes on the new page you must select topic, which will be merged posts. Finally, you'll push the button "Merge"
    - Lock / Unlock - locks / unlocks the selected topics.
    - Sticky | Announcement | Normal - to mark of the specific topics. In some categories of these functions may be unavailable to you due to permissions.
    - When you click on the link "You can moderate this forum" you can also split topic by Split Topic Control Panel. Just click on the name of the topic (not selecting the square in column Select). You must enter New topic title, and in the field Forum for new topic select from the drop-down list where a new topic with dedicated posts to appear.

Operations on posts.

PAfter entry to topic you can:
    - delete single posts - near each post is the icon
    - check the IP poster - near each post is the icon - if you click here as Admin you will see a new page with lists: IP address for this post, Users posting from this IP address, Other IP addresses this user has posted from. Here you can look up whether the user writes on the forum with multiple accounts. There is also a full history of IP addresses, from which the user written.

Below at table with posts on right are icons:
delete posts or moving them to the Archive.
must then select from the drop-down list the category into which topic will be moved and confirm. Additional function "Leave shadow topic in old forum." is redundant and rather not use it in order not to duplicate topics in different categories. Additional function is also notify author about moving his topic. You can enter the reason for one to watch in private messages or choose not to send such notification - according to your discretion.
You can merge the posts in the threads, posts individually or merge to the selected post. You must select from the drop down list Split to forum category, in which there is a topic to which we want to merge the posts. Now mark that posts to be merged and select Split selected posts or choose one post and select option Split from selected post. On the next page select the topic to which posts will be merged.
lock / unlock topic.

In the quick reply field:
- option Lock this topic - after it is selected and entered some content in the field of quick reply post will be sent and topic will be closed at the same time.

In the user profile:
- option Add warning - requires a value.

When writing posts:
- If you want to in post (written by you or when you edit post another user) was concluded your information visible only to moderators and the Admin wrote:
[mod]Here you write the text[/mod]

Then the moderators see text which you enter between mod tags and normal users see just blank line and nothing else.

Other questions put below in the form of questions

    How can I change/correct the title of the topic?
    ATo change the title of the topic you need to enter a topic and edit the first post that it contains. In the Topic field shall be amended.
    How to merge two topics in one?
    Go to the forum and click on "You can moderate this forum". Select the topic you want to move to another and click button "Merge". Select forum where the topic to which we want to move the posts and click "Yes". Choose a topic to which we want to move the posts and click "Merge".
    How to add, edit warnings?
    To issue a warning to the user go to his profile and click on the link "Add warning".
    The list issued warnings can be found at After entering the details of warnings can edit or delete them by Admin.
    Settings about warnings can be found in Administration Panem > Reprimand users
    In this place you can enable ability to add warnings for users by administrators or moderators. You can give warnings to users with different values, depending on the preset value, after reaching the user may be blocked the ability to write or blocked the entrance to the forum. Both thresholds can be enabled at once, you can determine their size, and duration of warnings
    How can the moderator remove the warning issued by them?
    You have to made minor changes in the code - you can find them here
    How to add a comment moderator to message content?
    If you want to add something to post you can use the comment.
    In attachment I add a image, with marked this icon.
    Click on it opens window like a writing normal message. After typing the text there and send it will appear in the post with date and author as below:
    ** Comment added by: Matteo: 2010-09-04, 02:05 **
    Test comment :]

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